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Inflatable Attractions

Inflatable Attractions are great additions for any event. They are fun and safe for children when set up and supervised properly. AB Promotion & Development wants you to get the most out of your rental experience. Below are a number of tips and answers to some questions that we hope will help you understand what a inflatable rental is all about.

Please don’t hesitate to phone or email us with your questions!

Here are 10 things you should know....
(before you rent an inflatable attraction)

  1. This one you probably already know ... Kids of all ages love to play on them!
  2. They add colour and presence to your event and can help increase your attendance
  3. They are very safe, provided that they are properly used... supervised... and installed
  4. Proper supervision is a necessity and it will prevent 99.999% of all accidents
  5. You can not use out of the box (store bought) inflatables at public events... they are not designed for this and will not meet Ontario’s licensing requirements
  6. In Ontario, for all festivals, fun fairs and any other type of event that is open to participation by the general public, the inflatable attraction(s)... the operator needs to be licensed by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA)and the inflatables also need to have valid Permits from the TSSA
  7. There are very few exceptions to the previous item, notably Birthday Parties and the use of Gladiator Jousts, Sumo Suits and inflatable Rock Climbs
  8. TSSA licensing certifies that the design of the inflatable meets Ontario’s strict standards, that the attraction has been inspected yearly for flaws/wear and tear, that the operators are properly trained, follow the requirements and carry $2 million liability insurance - all of this to ensure your child/patron is subject to the smallest possible risk of injury!
  9. Beware of operators in your area that (some knowingly) put your event and more importantly your child’s safety at risk by not being properly licensed by the TSSA. Note that TSSA inspectors can and will close down any unlicensed amusement device, Issue fines and take any other legal action deemed necessary - don’t take the risk!
  10. AB Promotion and Development is the largest TSSA licensed operator north of Barrie and the GTA. We are currently the only one in North East Ontario that can provide your event with this many fun inflatable attractions that are licensed and approved by the TSSA

 inflatable rentals PRACTICAL FAQ’s
Can inflatables run in the rain?
Inflatables are powered by electrical blowers/fans which can not run safely in the pouring rain. Most inflatables will also become unsafe if they are wet... slides become too fast, climbing walls too slick etc.. For the safety of the children and your peace of mind, an inflatable ride will need to be closed down during the rain.

What about windy conditions?
Most inflatables are designed and certified to safely operate in winds up to 30 km p/h or less. They need to be properly anchored according to specifications. Sudden wind gusts and storm winds will necessitate the (temporary) closure of an inflatable ride. Our licensed mechanics/ installers will advise you in these situations.

Why is electrical power availability important?
Electrical power is probably the most important and often overlooked requirement for safely operating an inflatable. Inflatables are stitched, not sealed, so they continually leak air (you can feel this at any seam). For this reason each inflatable is powered by one or more blowers/fans which must run continuously during operations. These 1 to 2 HP fans blow up to 800 cubic feet per minute to maintain the integrity of the inflatable for safe play. Each fan requires a dedicated 15-20A outlet to work properly. The electrical outlets can not be more than 75 ft/22m away as the power (amps) will decrease sharply at greater distances and the inflatable will not be properly inflated for safe play. We provide 12/3 gauge professional grade extension cords to ensure the safe, continuous operation of the fans. We will recommend the use of generators when there are doubts about the available power.

Does it matter where we set up the inflatable?
inflatable rentals As with most things - location/location/location is important. Please take into account that the children will be in their stocking feet - shoes are not allowed on inflatables. Grass surfaces are preferred for this reason and for properly staking down the inflatable. Sandy surfaces are a problem… staking is less effective and it may not pass safety requirements. Hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete are hard on the children and the inflatables. You often need carpeting and mats for this and we will need to bring waterbags to secure the inflatables, which is a lot of added work that could impact pricing. Accessibility is another concern, noting that our inflatables can each weigh between 250 and 1200 lbs. and are not equally portable. There will be some locations where we would not be able to set up the larger ones. Also powerlines, obstacles etc. can be safety concerns. When booking we will discuss this in length and do a possible site visit to help determine if your proposed location is suitable.

Who decides to shutdown?
We will make every effort to have your inflatables up and running during the times requested/ confirmed in the rental agreement. In Ontario, as licensed operators we are, and by extension you are, subject to the rules and regulations set by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) governing the safe operation of Amusement Devices at public venues. Our licensed mechanics/installers will rule on whether the circumstances allow for safe operations at the startup and during the operating hours. The decision to shut down is not made lightly and is again only done with the safety of the children in mind.
You of course will be involved in this process.

 inflatable rentals

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